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Download PandaVPN for Linux

Version: 6.3.0 Update: 2022.11.06 Supports: Ubuntu LTS 16.04+
Download the reliable and secure VPN for Linux to protect your data, and experience the freedom of complete internet anonymity.
Support Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and Manjaro systems
Easy to use with one-click connect
The highest level of ECC encryption, keep anonymous browsing
Strict no-logs policy, never track, store, or share any data
7-day money-back guarantee

Use PandaVPN for Linux in 3 easy steps

Sign Up & Subscribe
Sign up for PandaVPN to get a random digital account, set your security password and choose a plan to subscribe to.
Download & Install
Click "Free Download" to download PandaVPN for Linux and install it on your computer.
Launch the PandaVPN app, sign in to your account and then one-click connect to any server you like. Connect and enjoy the premium PandaVPN service with enhanced security and privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install and use PandaVPN for Linux?
The Appimage file provided by PandaVPN official website for download is not need to install, after the download of Linux VPN is complete, right-click on the Appimage file, select "Properties", then select "Permissions" and check "Allow the file to be executed as program". After completing the above settings, this file can be run normally as a program.
Does PandaVPN work on Linux systems other than Ubuntu?
Currently, PandaVPN has perfect support for Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and Manjaro systems, but in theory, PandaVPN can be used on any Debian-based Linux system.
Can I use PandaVPN on Linux systems from the command line?
PandaVPN is currently best used in a graphical interface and does not support Linux systems executing the PandaVPN software via the command line at this time.